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Alan Alexandra Milne 1882 1956

In 1909 Sir Arther Conan Doyle, famous for the Sherlock Holmes novels, moved into Crowborough where he lived till the age of 71. He built Windlesham Manor a large house in which he wrote more novels. Sir Arthur died in 1930 and was buried in his garden, his wife had his remains moved into the family vault in 1935.

Crowborough is a town on the Forest Ridge, and was formed into an ecclesiastical parish on 19th September 1880 and into a civil parish on 1st April 1905 from the parish of Rotherfield. Crowborough also includes Crowborough Town (also known as Withyham St John's) - an ecclesiastical parish formed on December 1871 out of the parish of Withyham; Jarvis Brook which became part of Crowborough on 1st April 1905 and was formed into an ecclesiastical parish on 22nd March 1934; Boar's Head, Chapel Green; Crowborough Warren; Hurtis Hill; Palesgate; Southview; Steel Cross; Sweethaws and Whitehill. Crowborough is 42 miles south of London

The population of Crowborough in 1881 was 1,700; in 1891 was 2,068; in 1901 was 3,081; in 1911 was 5,148; in 1921 was 5,846; and in 1931 was 6,095.
The population of Withyham St Johns (also known as Crowborough Town) in 1891 was 716; in 1901 was 743; in 1911 was 952; in 1921 was 926; and in 1931 was 1,089. This parish of Withyham St Johns was subsequently reallocated to Crowborough.

Crowborough is referred to in historical documents as Crohbergh, Crowbergh, Croweborowghe, Crowbarrow and Crowboro. Croh is the Old English 'croh', meaning saffron and denoting an golden-yellow colour and 'bergh' means hill. The high Crowborough Beacon would have been visible for miles around for its yellow gorse flowers and so the origin of the name Crowborough is probably 'a golden coloured hill'

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